Root Canal treatment in Abu Dhabi - Endodontic Treatment for Posterior Teeth

Root canal treatment – endodontic treatment- is one of the available dental procedure in Intra laser Medical Center Abu Dhabi. It aims to cure painful and inflamed dental pulp tissues. Dental pulp is the only soft tissue component of a tooth and it occupies tiny canals. Because it contains nerve fibers responsible for hot, cold and pain sensation, when inflamed it elects sever type of pain. By the removal of the diseased tissues, preparation and filling of the canals ,the pain will be relieved in what is called endodontic treatment.

Patients who undergo root canal treatment in Dental Clinic in Abu Dhabi - UAE can expect a functional tooth after the treatment. The treated tooth lasts a very long time, provided that it is maintained with good oral hygiene. Our expert dentists at Intra Laser Medical Center Abu Dhabi are well experienced and handle root canal procedures in Abu Dhabi with ease causing less pain to the patient.

Intra Laser Medical Center, Dental Division in Abu Dhabi has been serving the entire UAE for Dental treatments for more than 10 years. Our dental treatment in Abu Dhabi cover wide range of services and treatments including:

- Custom Teeth Whitening Trays In Abu Dhabi
- Porcelain Veneers Fixing (Emax) In Abu Dhabi
- Dental Crown/Cap Fixing For Anterior Teeth
- Root Canal For Posterior Teeth Excluding Final Filling - Abu Dhabi Dentist
- Dental Teeth Scaling & Polishing In Abu Dhabi
- Teeth Whitening Dental Treatment In Abu Dhabi
- Root Canal For Anterior Teeth Without Final Filling
- Dental Services - Composite Filling in Abu Dhabi

Intra Laser Medical Center - Dental section founded by Dr. Anwar Hamdan Sajwany in 2008; retina consultant; who received Shiekh Mohammed bin Rashed Tamouh award in 2004.

WE aim to provide the best quality care in a safe, relaxed and comfortable environment for everyone our services are very popular and have attracted numerous nationalities around UAE. People have trusted intra laser for their Dental Body, Skin ,Hair , Eyes & Teeth enhancement solutions.
At Intra Laser we believe in having a passion for excellence in every aspect of the work we do; in the overall delivery of service to our patients, in ensuring that we meet the highest international standards, and in developing the Medical Center as a world-class institution. Our services offered are not just accessible but affordable with Excellency.

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